A Video About Self Discovery

Take 5 minutes today and get ready to smile.

Two TTRG legends Mon and James recently got back from a trip to Mt Everest Basecamp & this is Mon’s video diary and reflection.

You will LOVE IT because it reminds you that this one beautiful life we have is ours for the taking. It will remind you that there is a world around you, all you have to do is lift your hear from your keyboard from time to time and remember that. 

But dont just watch this video and be entertained for a few minutes. Let it move you. Let it inspire you to actively seek adventure. Pursue fun with passion. Build your own sense of self and have the confidence to share your perspective.

We are SO proud of you both and it is with great pride we say that you are part of our TTRG family. Our chosen family that brings energy and support to us every day. We cannot wait to see where your next¬† BIG adventure takes you …and we are so lucky to be rolling through this adventure of life together.



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