I find it really hard to connect with other mums

I’m just going to say it – since becoming a Mum I find it really hard to connect with other mums

Playgroup sounded like hell on earth to me.

A gaggle of women with top knots & stained sweat pants existing on coffee and half eaten pieces of toast chasing teething toddlers around a community hall pretending they wouldn’t rather be at home on the couch (or is that just me?)

Since Tyson was born prematurely, I have been fiercely protective of him and have completely rejected the notion of milestones. Whatever you think my baby ‘should be’ doing right now is completely unwelcomed. You can sit on your opinion and spin on it. Told you – mama bear isn’t joking about being protective, I will rip your eyes out if I so much as even get a sense of you judging my child. Grrrrr 🐻

Playgroup was fine. As expected I didn’t connect with the mums. I wasn’t sure how to work into conversation that I ran 10kms and worked on my website this morning and I have no intention of mopping the floor this week. So I didn’t really say much. I didn’t ask much either.

But I went. And I survived.

And of course it was completely fine. So I’ll drag myself along again next Friday because Tyson loved it.

So I COMPLETELY understand how coming into our gym can be the last thing you want to do this week if you haven’t been before.

I know meeting new people and being out of your comfort zone can turn your stomach three times over. I hate it too.

But here’s the thing – life isn’t what happens on the couch.

Life happens when we get up & just do the damn thing we don’t want to do. It’s never as bad as you think. Or if it is, you don’t have to ever do it again.

But at least you got off the damn couch to find out.

Make this your week.

I get it. So please believe me when I say it will be worth it when you walk through our doors.

Our sessions, our crew, our energy – it’s worth it.

Your couch will be right where you left it ☺️👊🏼

Do the damn thing you have been avoiding this week.