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We are unconventionally passionate about rewriting belief systems at The Training Room Geelong. Having our own children has gifted us with the opportunity to reevaluate our actions and our thoughts and assess what their little eyes will take in as they watch us go about our day.


Steve has a five year old daughter and together we have a one year old son. We know that they hear everything we say and the older they get the more we realise that although they are their own unique little beings – they mirror our behaviours and reflect our attitudes.

In raising my son I do my very best to ensure I am responding to his needs rather than reacting to his behaviours. I know in my heart that what he needs most is a strong foundation from which to grow into his own potential. I don’t want to guide him or influence him in any way – that would assume I know whats right for him, and to be honest Im still trying to figure out whats right for me in my own life! What I do want to do is provide him with constant, unwavering support and positivity. I want him to have such strong self awareness that he is able to explore the world with an open mind and generous spirit. I want him to strive in any area he feels compelled to and be brave enough to walk away from the experiences, people and places that don’t serve him.


To do this, I have to be the very best version of myself. Healthy, happy and present.


My commitment to movement, eating well and being part of a positive, supportive community is part of my commitment to being my best self for my son.


When I consistently invest time in myself to exercise – everything in my world seems to generate energy. I feel uplifted and more motivated to tackle the challenges of the day. I am physically capable of running, jumping, playing and carrying my son. I feel more connected to my partner and maintain positive, supportive relationships with my friends.


In this chapter of my life exercise has nothing to do with weight loss or hitting personal bests in the gym – but it has everything to do with feeling as though I am doing everything within my control to be the type of mother I know my son deserves. Happy, healthy and present.


If you are lacking motivation to exercise – consider looking beyond your own needs and contemplate how your commitment to your health and fitness may actually benefit those closest to you.


Rewrite your belief systems around exercise. It is not punishment. It doesn’t have to be motivated by guilt or shame. Negative thought patterns about exercise are the greatest barrier to consistency and results.


Reframe your thinking.


Our group sessions will keep you on track and ensure your time is well spent in the gym and our community will support, motivate and encourage you every step of the way!

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