Geelong Gyms: Two Things that you HAVE to know before you join

Joining a gym in Geelong is the best decision that you will make. An investment in your health and fitness will positively impact any and every area of your life!

Simply HAVING the gym membership isnt enough – you actually have to go! That seems like common sense, but we all know someone that have had a membership for years without even showing up!

Why? They havent found the right gym for them!

Geelong is not short on gyms – but not every gym is for everyone.

What should you look for ? Dont be sucked into savvy marketing tricks or convinced more equipment means more value for your money.

Here are the two things we recommend you find out before you sign a membership! THESE THINGS MATTER!

Is it Owner Operated? 

Connection and community will just be buzzwords unless there is heart and soul beneath the daily operation of the gym. When the gym is owner operated you are less likely to be treated like a number. You will be a valued member and your presence will be appreciated and respected by the business owner. A smaller, family owned business may not have all the shiny bells and whistles of the big commercial gyms – but personal connection will outweigh that any day of the week. Before you sign a membership you should meet the owners or at very least the managers. Don’t be seduced by clever marketing, assess what the gym values and how they serve their community and see if that it what you are looking for. Ask who their target market is – you should fit their description if it is the right gym for you! Not every gym is for everyone – find the right fit and the right community.


Check the gym out at the exact time you are going to train!

Visit the gym at the time that you are likely to train. If you pop in on your lunch break to check the gym out, but are most likely to train in the evening – you actually wont know if you ‘vibe’ with the gym. Its worth taking the time to visit the gym at the time you intend to train so that you get a sense of whether its an environment that you would feel comfortable in. Take note of the other members, the music playing and how easy it was to find a parking spot! All of these things matter because they will directly impact your experience!