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You have clicked on a golden ticket here ! If you are a business owner using social media to connect with your community THIS IS FOR YOU! If you are looking for ways to connect quickly with people who would benefit from the amazingness you are putting out into the world – THIS IS FOR YOU!

This wham bam, quick fire episode with The Video Confidence Coach gives you straight forward answers to all of the questions you have about social media, video production and MAXIMISING the space you are claiming online!!!

We didnt waste a minute and dove straight into to questions that reveal the way in which you can simplify content creation to capture your niche!! OHHH YEAH! GIVE IT TO ME!

Meet Zoe Hollingsworth – The Video Confidence Coach

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Giving You the Confidence to Put Yourself Out There!

Quality business videos are the current gold standard in effective marketing strategies. Usable across a wide range of platforms and instantly eye-catching, a video demonstrating your expertise and passion will engage an audience and instantly begin to nurture the relationships that lead to sales in your business.

As your Video Confidence Coach™, I’ll simplify the complexities of video in the workshops and help you –

· Overcome your natural fears so you become confident in front of the camera,

· Structure your content so it’s relevant and easily digestible,

· Conquer any barriers you may have about being worthy,

· Understand where your video fits into your marketing plan,

· Learn simple pre- and post- production techniques so you can DIY like a professional and appeal to your audience and

· Develop pride in your image and own it!

When shooting a business video it’s important to remember one thing –

It’s not about you!

A meaningful business video is about how you can help your customers. It’s that simple.

Call to learn more about the contents of the workshop. I look forward to helping you grow in confidence so you can create valuable assets for your business.

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Connect with Zoe at @videoconfidencecoach