Goal Setting 101: TIME Management

TIME is something I discuss in great detail with pretty much every woman I work with.
Some conversations are about it as an abstract concept (Im the woman who doesnt really care much for bdays or milestones because Im of the belief time is an illusion – and kind of irrelevant)
BUT time is also something that we need to use to our advantage if we are going to feel productive and proactive as we set goals for ourselves and follow through.
The truth is – most women over estimate how much time they have in a week to dedicate to the goals they have set for themselves. Can you tell me off the top of your head how many hours of free time you have this week?
Too often, when we talk about “schedules” women feel compelled to utilise every single waking minute of the day doing something – or they start to feel guilty or anxious.
There is overwhelm when we do too much – guilt when we dont do enough and its all just a life of rinse and repeat and if this is resonating with you I am urging you to STOP.
Pause for long enough to realise that YOU get to choose how you spend your time, how your week feels and what you decide to do with the precious gift of time we are given daily.
If you have your schedule sorted – we might just need to have a conversation around how you can reprogram your week to mirror your values and reflect the creation of your deep driving desires …we will save the conversation for another day.
If you are a woman that doesnt plan ahead each week, that is open to the push and pull of life and feel constantly unorganised, overwhelmed and pretty flat alot of the time…. this casual express training is FOR YOU.
Finding a way of organising my week that was simple AND allowed me to take a birds eye view of my week was a game changer – Im going to show you what works for me in the hope it might give you some ideas for what could work for you!
Im literally going to open my schedule up, screen record and share how I plan my week. It would be tempting to say that my schedule helps me to be on top and stay on top of a life that feels uniquely mine and damn amazing every single day – but thats bullshit.
A schedule doesnt bullet proof from from life – but it does give you an advantage .. putting yourself in the driver seat so that you can course correct yourself AHEAD OF TIME, rather than constantly trying to react to what you are experiencing.
Goal setting in ANY AREA of your life requires a solid schedule.
Lets start with that.
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