Goal Setting Sucks #realtalk

Here is what nobody wants to tell you – GOAL SETTING CAN SUCK.

Let me explain why.

No one lies awake in the middle of the night saying ‘I wish I was 7kg lighter’. Yet – this is what we hold up as our ‘goal’ & then wonder why we aren’t inspired, motivated and driven to make that happen.

Let’s get REAL.

You lie awake wishing you could go to the beach with your kids without the anxiety of putting on a swimsuit in public. You wish you could invite your partner into the shower with you without sucking in your stomach and feeling self conscious. You wish you didn’t avoid photos and worry that in years to come you won’t have anything to look back on.

Those truths – those things that you think you have to hide – THATS WHERE YOU FIND MOTIVATION. Acknowledge your truth. Be honest about what is holding you back. Identify the ways in which it is sucking the joy from your life – and then make goals based around the ways you can change that.

The truth is goal setting isn’t always fun, positive & shiny.

The most powerful goal setting is done from a place of pain.

Go there.

Make change a necessity and that is all the motivation you will need.