Hands Up if you are guilty of bullshitting yourself!!

What thought patterns are holding you back?

I recently realised that I was telling myself a story that was no longer true. When I first returned to exercise after having my son, just moving was an accomplishment. The demands of a newborn and my legitimate exhaustion meant that I believed just doing something was better than nothing.

More than a year on, I’ve realised – that is no longer relevant to me. My little one turned one last month, I’m getting enough sleep and my body has fully recovered from his delivery.

Some days, when I just can’t be bothered I hear myself saying ‘it’s ok to stop now, you are a new Mum, something is better than nothing’.

Except I’m not a new Mum anymore.

I don’t need to make allowances for myself. My programming doesn’t require modifications. I just have to stop telling myself the same bullshit story and push myself to break through the plateau I’m currently cruising on. I smashed a sprint session this morning just to show myself that I could & because a walk just doesn’t cut it for me and my goals at the moment.

I won’t let myself be held back anymore – I’m ready to see what I’m capable of when I get out of my own damn way.

What progress could you make if you dropped the same old story that holds you back?

Find out with us.