Hate Running a little Less : Expert advice from MOVEPOD


We are really proud and more that a little bit excited that behind the scenes we are working hard to produce the details for the 6th round of The Training Room Geelong Run Crew. Over the last few years we have facilitated 10km and half marathon running programs for our members – most of whom had NEVER thought they would be able to actually complete a running program.

The power in these programs is seen in the connection made within our community and the breakthroughs we witness everyone have as they blow their own damn minds with what they are actually capable of!

We are always looking to up the anti on the value we give to our members, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with Patrick O’Connell of Movepod – his masters in podiatric practise and passion for working in the sports health and musculoskeletal space makes him an absolute asset to us as we explore how to ensure our members can pursue running goals – injury free!

Listen in as we discuss potential injuries, plans of attack to alleviate pain and we get answers to the common question – how do we know when its time for a new pair of shoes!?

Enjoy this episode!