I HATED Bootcamp!

Q: Ive done bootcamp before and it has put me off group training. Why should I try it again?

A: We understand! Bootcamps or group fitness sessions can be overwhelming, punishing and just plain unenjoyable. Training outdoors often sounds good in theory – but when its too hot, too wet, too windy – its just uncomfortable and irritating!

At The Training Room Geelong, in our world class facility, we pride ourselves on being a positive environment that aims to uplift anyone that walks through the door. You wont find any screaming, yelling or shaming during workouts. Even though we push hard during workouts – that not our style. Our coaches are passionate about leading a dynamic, fast paced, fun session that will deliver results.
We know that everyone aims for a different result – some want weight loss, some fitness, some need stress relief and some just want to come in and feel good about moving. Because we take the time to get to know you, we will understand how to best coach you.

If you have been put off group training in the past – we encourage you to jump in on a session with us. Even if you only last ten minutes in your first session…its better than doing nothing at all! Slow progress is still progress and we will be with you every step of the way with unwavering energy and enthusiasm.

We teach our passion.

The Training Room Geelong has a range of group training sessions suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. See our timetable for session times and descriptions.