Taking a Leap On Your Dreams: Caroline Makin



The vision we hold for ourselves and our lives can seem out of reach sometimes. When the road ahead has lots of twists and turns, it can be hard to put your foot on the accelerator! Thats why its important to surround yourself with people that lead the way. People that have put in the time, effort and energy to manifest their dreams.

Meet Carolin Makin.

Geelong local and founder and director of I KNOW A CHICK in Bell Park. I Know a Chick is beauty – done differently. Caz stands out in a cookie cutter world as been unapologetically herself and clear about one thing – her business, her way.

Listen in to hear how she has turned what was once a backyard business into a thriving small business that employs a strong team and serves their community.

This honest, refreshing insight into the first year of running a new business will inspire you to put the wheels in motion to take the business plan you have in your mind and make it a reality.

Caz shares the importance of having mentors, taking a leap even when you dont feel 1000% ready and being open to evolving and learning every step of the way.

Completely inspiring, intriguing and full of energy and fun – just like Caz!

Connect with Caz and book in for a treatment at I KNOW A CHICK on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @iknowachick