Improving PADWORK

When learning any fight style, you should work on the fundamentals of correct stance, footwork, striking and defence, in that order!
There is no need to smash the pads and break your pad holders’ arms. Leave that for the heavy bag!
When hitting the pads with your coach or partner in a training session; make sure to keep your distance from the pad holder, working on your fundamentals and timing.
Your pad holder will thank you for it.
I would often get laughed at by other people in the gym when I was hitting the pads without the loud grunting and screaming. Yes it can be done!
But little did they know I was constantly visualising my opponent, working on reactive movements and timing so it became second nature in the ring.
An accurate strike will do more damage than a hay maker that most likely wont land flush on the target.
To make personal progress in your sessions this week focus on balance and accuracy before you push for speed and power on the pads.