Is Your Corner With You or Against You?

As a fighter – you don’t walk out to the ring alone. You walk out with the people you have selected to be in your corner throughout the fight. These are the people that will wipe you down and set you straight between rounds. Their voices will stand out amongst the crowd, as you fight to keep your body and mind strong and focused – while someone comes at you, eyes blazing – relentlessly trying to knock you down.

We never know how a fight will play out – that’s the beauty of the sport. Anything can happen in a moment. There is one thing we can be certain of – who we are and the values that hold us to a high standard of behaviour. In selecting our corner we have learned to be intensely selective. The behaviour and attitudes of the people closest to us will make or break us. What we allow is what we accept – and ultimately what will influence us.

Team Moxon has seen its fair share of bullshit come and go. Some of those that once offered supposed support are the same ones that spit ugly words and let their insecurities control their behaviour.

Today, we are proud of the collective energy we are driven by day in and day out. We aren’t moved by status and we aren’t fooled by ego. We are unified by our intentions, direction and standards.

Look around at those closest to you. If they had their core values tattooed across their foreheads – would you be proud to stand along side them?

Don’t hesitate to edit your own corner, in your own life. When you are down for the count, you will need to be able to trust these people. They will need to echo the standard of behaviour, values and attitudes that are most important to you. When the final bell rings – you will be able to stand with your head held high, proud of yourself and those around you, whether your arm is raised or not.



Lena Phillips