Our belief systems are so powerful. They drive us to action. They are the puppet masters in our show of life. Are your beliefs fuelling negative behaviours when it comes to your health and fitness?

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my beliefs in all areas of my life. I have picked them apart and more often than not I have found that what I had believed to be true were versions of the truth told to me by other people. Much of what we believe is imparted on us as children. I watch my 9 month old son Tyson soaking in everything around him every day – even these early months of his life will impact his understanding of himself and the world around him. When it comes to health and fitness – Im willing to guess that much of what we all believe isn’t based on much more than a mish mash of what we were told as children, what we saw as teenagers and the ways in which others have affirmed us or shamed us.

When we begin to question our beliefs it can bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. The old saying ‘ignorance is bliss’ comes to mind. Previous generations have lead us to believe that we should accept things as they are. We shouldn’t rock the boat.

Some beliefs might be so tightly wound into our being that we need to seek professional help to shine a light on them.

I have found that seemingly ’positive’ beliefs can be useful to reconsider. If you feel anxiety around group training or feel like every session is a silent competition, you might want to think about why this is so. In my past, I actually passed up many opportunities for fear of being in the spotlight. Opportunities presented themselves to me as a result of my commitment and hard work. I had chosen to remain in the shadows and happily work behind the scenes within my businesses because I didn’t feel that I was ‘enough’.

I have spent enough time thinking about the belief I had that ‘If you aren’t the top authority on something – shut up’. It stretches all the way back to being raised by an opinionated father who would challenge anyones opinion, including his young, impressionable children. I learned that before I speak, I have to be ready to defend myself to the onslaught of criticism that will inevitably follow.

What I now know to be true is – no one likes a know it all anyway and beyond that – ‘expert’ is an illusion. We are all constantly learning, growing and evolving and we all have something useful to contribute. I have had greater success in areas of my professional and personal life than I could have ever imagined when I was brave enough to show vulnerability. That old belief I had still lies beneath the surface – but it is not louder than the personal mission statement I have for myself ‘I am enough’.

To explore your beliefs simply write it out as a statement. Then write below it a time/experience when you felt that way or believed that. Then think of another. And another early time. And continue until you have exhausted all memories of ever feeling that way. Then – read over them. Begin to use ‘THE WORK”. Question the truth and validity of that belief and explore who you might be without that belief.

For further support and incredible resources in exploring your belief systems we recommend you visit http://thework.com/en