LABOR DAY : Public Holiday March 8th

Heads up! PUBLIC HOLIDAY this Monday.

A little tweak to our group session timetable that reflects that you guys will either be:

a) enjoying a sleep in – NO ALARM!!
b) recovering from a night of “why not?!?”
c) just happy to break routine and spend a Monday morning doing something a little different to the usual programming that sees you here in the gym with us (which we freakin LOVE by the way)

SO on Monday 8th March the gym will be closed until the evening – our usual group sessions will go ahead so you can come in, catch up and get a good workout in.

Got it?!? GOOD!

Love your guts.

See you in the gym!

ps if you havent joined us yet..send us a message and we can organise to get you to come in and try a session ASAP!