Less is More

Less is more. So much more.
I used to believe that in burning myself out I was demonstrating just how badass I was.
Being overworked and overwhelmed was the price I had to pay for the success I was striving for, right?
Isnt that what we are told?
If you want success you have to double down & suck it up?
Yeah well I did that. A decade of that. And it was all true. The success came. In ways I don’t want to describe because it would make me sound like a right wanker. I had it all and it meant nothing.
Because I didn’t like who I had become. I definitely didn’t like the people I had surrounded myself with. Narcissism. Materialism.
I was burnt out and it wasn’t even worth it.
Now – I value self respect & self awareness above all else.
Exercise gives me the time to check in with my body, mind and spirit. When they are aligned – movement flows. When I’m tired, unmotivated, sore – usually something is out of balance.
Something needs my attention.
More often than not – the answer is DO LESS.
You can have anything you want..it just depends how much of yourself you are willing to sacrifice.
Use your time in the gym to check in with yourself today.
How’s your mindset? How is your body feeling?
Tight and tense?
Listen to it.
Instead of asking what can I do to make myself better, ask what can I do without to give myself more space, peace and clarity.
Less is more 👊🏼