Managing Overwhelm & Earning the Results we think we Deserve

I am buzzing this morning because I managed a 5km run early in the day down and I just did some programming for next months workouts in the sun – movement + sunworship at one time is absolute bliss for me.

I have certainly had challenging days throughout this month too. I am still battling to find a sense of calm in between family and work life – things just constantly seem to be piling up. DO I JUST ACCEPT THIS STATE? Hell no.

Heres what I did today to try and shift this behaviour/feelings moving forward.

Ive outlined 3 major outcomes/goals for next month. One is related to health and fitness and the other two are work related.

Next I wrote a LONG ASS list of everything that is on my plate. This included housework, taxes I havent filed, swimming lessons for Tyson, calling my grandmother, booking in to get my hair coloured, buying new stationary for work, updating my client files …anything and everything I know I need to do in the next 4 weeks.

Then I went through that list and picked the things that will fulfil the major goals/outcomes I have for the month. Then I broke those down into URGENT, important and delegate. I then took a long look at the list and highlighted the things that werent actually important and wouldnt help me reach my goal.

…The mountain of tasks to get through was still too big. I have been able to delegate some tasks, but mostly, it falls on me to get shit done. My FORMER (over worked, anxious, unsociable, sleep foresaking) self would just set the alarm for 4am everyday and make it all work. I CHOOSE to not do that anymore – my son and my partner deserve the happiest, healthiest (least neurotic) version of me.

So I reevaluated my goals for February. They are now 3 month goals. Just because we CAN do something doesnt mean we always SHOULD.

I am learning to be ok with things taking a little longer. My identity had previously been tightly wound to the idea that I was the ultimate multitasker and efficiency should be my middle name. Now, at this point in my life – Im choosing to allow myself to go at a slower pace and take everything in.

Your health and fitness goals can be approached in the same way. Write down your goals for February and then assess how managable and enjoyable the execution of those goals will be. You might want to change the goals entirely – or just change the timeline.

What will you need to action every day in order to reach those goals?

NOTHING in life is a coincidence. We get only what we manifest or work for. Your lack of results are a direct reflection of your lack of commitment. Your results are a reflection of the effort you put forward.

Being human means we are flawed. Only you get to choose how you move forward once you recognise the ways in which your choices are impacting your life. WHAT WE DONT CHANGE WE CHOOSE.

Many of you had wanted to improve your nutrition this month. Did you record everything you ate for 31 days? No? Why not? Imagine if we had that data to use now to plan for a positive month ahead? Do it next month. ACTION YOUR INTENTIONS. Dont expect results without putting in the time and effort it takes.