Manifesting 101: Creative Life Hacks with Sev Lah



In this episode Steve sits down with entrepreneurial genius, dedicated family man and all round good guy Sev Lah. You will know Sev Lah as the proud owner of The Pickers Union and El Santo in Geelong. Together with with beautiful wife Bek they live life loud and at full speed.

Creating a life abundant with adventure comes with highs and lows. When we take risks there is two sides to that coin. How do you cultivate a mindset that welcome challenges and celebrates creativity?

Listen in as Steve and Sev discuss the importance of connecting with creativity and finding an outlet that will support mental health and wellbeing.

If you are overworked, underwhelmed and feeling like life is a little bit black and white (boring as bat shit) this episode will inspire you to remember who you were and what you loved before society sucked the creativity and expression from you.

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