Meet Ego’s Sidekick – Fear.

Fear. It’s egos sidekick and the nemesis of growth. Fear cements it’s place in our minds by promising to keep us ‘safe’. It sabotages our efforts to move forward and forces our loyalty to the very things that are holding us back. Sit with your fear. Get to know it. Don’t bury it. Articulate it. Understand it.

Then outwork your fear.

We cannot always control our circumstances or our conditioning – but we can choose to move away from fear. Trust that every experience up until this point has given you exactly what you need to rise up and take back control of your body, mind and soul.

We always have a choice.

Choose to outrun your fears and never look back. 🔥

For some of us movement builds the momentum we need – others cultivate confidence through stillness.

Step out of the shadows of your fear and begin to reconnect to the strongest, most resilient, fearless parts of yourself. #strength