Meet Our Members: SHARNI HOLTZ

I was once a very scared, anxiety ridden, people pleaser that second guessed myself quite a lot – with a side of negative body image. I was a person that was hiding from my own fears, unable to have or speak my own thoughts and I was allowing myself to be completely absorbed in many different emotional situations that were completely draining, without the confidence to make better decisions for myself.


Being a member at The Training Room immediately made me a part of the family and the positivity has reached into every part of me – allowing me to step into new territory such as buying a house, setting exciting goals and being in control of the decisions I make about my own weight loss and fitness journey.


The Training Room Geelong has gifted me with the knowledge to develop a mindset that helps me navigate through many aspects of my life. My confidence has sky rocketed which allows me to think differently when faced with big decisions. Its also had a positive impact on the thoughts towards myself and my body image.


I got started at The Training Room Geelong one day out of sheer spontaneous courage. I tagged along to a Box and Burn Session because I have always LOVED boxing – but this brought me to another level. The fact that I was being trained by Steve (who is amazingly a two time world champion kick boxer ) and who supported me as I moved from ‘Fitness Boxer’ to a complete BADASS, had me hooked.


I have said it a million times and I will say it millions times more. Walking in and being surrounded by like minded and supportive people makes The Training Room Community one like no other. The second best thing about the gym is Lena and Steve. Wow. What a team they make. They vibrate with realness and they help me to understand that facing challenges IS OKAY! Even through Covid, I have been nothing but supported and gifted with new knowledge that in turn has helped me reach my fitness goals on a whole another level!


TTRG gives me the opportunity to shine in every session! I walk in to the gym encouraged to take on warrior mindset and not once have I felt that being knocked down or quivered! Its uplifted me to find my own greatness!