MEET OUR MEMBERS: Tayla Donnellan


Tayla is making moves to be self employed while studying and making her way through this crazy arse year.

Her commitment to showing up and moving her body to choose how she felt on any given day has been beautiful to witness – and her skills on the bag are now pretty damn epic!!!


I was looking for real people, real connections and needed a community vibe.

The first conversation I had with @lena_moxon I knew I was taking the right step (a scary one but the best decision I’ve made this year).

I wasn’t just another name, another member- I was catered for straight off the bat and felt genuinely cared for and supported.

I’ve loved every minute of it even though I initially had a lot of anxiety about joining a new gym. It’s so good to just know that you are always met with smiling faces when you arrive.


The support of Lena and Steve and other members is massive and so appreciated – it’s been a big year, & I’m proud that I’ve managed to keep moving with the TTRG crew online & so happy to be back in the gym with everyone now that restrictions have lifted!