Throughout my career I have been known for my knockout power.
Undeniably, those same devastating punches will still be invaluable in the ring, but years on, I now understand that my greatest asset as a fighter and as a man is my capacity for self reflection.
I cannot wait to relaunch The Training Room Geelong as restrictions on our business are lifted. It will not only be the chance to represent my family & myself – It would be my moment of redemption. A fighters spirit cannot be denied. It cannot be silenced. It can not be ignored. The legacy that I want to leave for my children has not yet been written. I believe that every man deserves the chance to learn from their experiences, reflect, grow and then step up into who they should have always been.
We always think there will be time to do the things we have planned – COVID19 has shown us that at any moment, things can be turned on their head. I wont take my time and energy for granted within my business again. We have BIG plans for our community – and this is our time.
I have faced the consequences of living day by day, letting optimism misguide me into believing that my work ethic would be enough to secure my future. The battles I faced in the ring were electrifying. I have never said no to a fight and have stood toe to toe against legends past and present from every corner of the world. But the truth is, the personal battles I faced outside of the ring were eroding my chances of every truly fulfilling my potential inside of the ring.
As I stood at the cross roads of my life, I was able to reflect on who I believed I was, and how I was showing up in the world. Self reflection is challenging. It is not always easy to take full accountability for everything in your life. As a fighter, I know the easy way is never really an option.
So I have persevered with self reflection and today stand strong in who I know I am. I am a man of passion, perseverance and courage. I have spent the last 3 months focusing on my family, my business and my community and have dedicated my time and energy to exploring the ways in which I can best serve them.
In doing this, I have been able to reflect on the ways in which I allowed outside influences to distract me when I should have been laser focused.
I have spent too long attached to moments in my past that prevented me from building my future.
I have made the decision to learn from the moments that I wasn’t fulfilling my potential and to make sure that in every moment for the rest of my life I am standing proud as the man I know I truly am.
Nationality: Australian
Age: 32
Weight: 70kg Featherweight
66 Professional Fights
50 wins
16 losses
27 wins by knockout
-Two Time Kickboxing World Champion
-First Australian to be signed with a multi-fight deal to Glory World Series Kickboxing
-2014 & 2015 Australian Kickboxer of The Year