Member Spotlight: Adam Israel

We are so proud to be located in the thriving Federal Mills Park in North Geelong. This hub of Geelong business is booming – and we are happy to be servicing the many businesses and employees that are all within a stones throw of our front door. We are passionate about injecting energy into your work day – and our express lunchtime warrior sessions are the perfect way to take ensure you are investing in your health and fitness throughout the working week. 

Devoted husband and father Adam, who works within the Federal Mills Park shares his experience and the way in which connecting with members has become something that he looks forward to each and every day – we are so proud of the way in which our community supports and uplifts each other! 

We commend you for carving out time in your day to invest in your health and fitness Adam – and we look forward to seeing you every day too.


I joined the gym to keep fit and with the convenance of The Training Room Geelong being in the Federal Mills Park, only a stone’s throw from my office, was perfect. I would have been crazy not to get in a daily lunch time session. Breaking up the day and giving my mind a chance to reset and recharge for the rest of the day is perfect.

When I joined I had no idea how much community and sense of team that is ingrained in The Training Room Geelong. That has been an absolute bonus. Its what keeps me coming back on those days that I’m not 100% motivated.

I’m in almost every day for the Lunch Time Warrior express group sessions, or the Box and Burn sessions (when I’m not getting injured playing basketball 😉).
The warrior sessions are varied and never the same, and I love that. I get excited when I walk in and see the board with a new program every day. And 30 minutes fits perfectly into my work day.

The Training Room Geelong is the place that I feel keeps the rest of my life sharp and focused. I feel like I’m reasonably fit. I can do all the things in life I want to do – like being competitive playing basketball, tennis and being active as a family with my partner Kat and son Alexander.  My goal is to maintain and ideally increase my current fitness level. The variety offered in each session means that all areas of my body get a workout, which is perfect for maintaining an overall level of fitness.

I wouldn’t change anything about what I get out of this gym. The lunch time sessions suits me perfectly. The regular members are great fun and seeing new people join in is also fun and extra motivating. I enjoy the surprise of checking the board to see what fun (or evil) movements have been programmed – and having a few jokes with Steve and the regular crew is something I always look forward to. The gym I would say is a community first, and a place to exercise and train second. I get all my workout wants met (and more!), and as a bonus I get a great sense of team and community. Love the place!