Member Spotlight: Jay Sikora

WOW. Just wow. 
Some of us are moving simply to feel a little better or to fill time in the day – but then there are some people who are at a crossroads in their life. Their health and their future is on the line and they have NO CHOICE but to make changes. Jay is hardworking and humble and so it would be easy to overlook the HUGE lifestyle change he has made. 

We are genuinely so happy for him because we can see how much more energy he has and just how confident he feels within himself. Taking control of your health and the future you can offer your family is PRICELESS. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your experience so far because we know there are MANY people who will be able to relate to the predicament you found yourself in and inspired by the way you have punched your way out of it! 


Being overweight, having high cholesterol & fatty liver I made a solid attempt to diet for 6+ months but I realised it was not enough to make the change I needed.  I had done karate & kickboxing in the past and found it a lot of fun so I sought out Geelong Gym’s that offered kickboxing classes on google and The Training Room Geelong caught my eye.

I started with what I think would be the same goal as most people-  to lose weight.
For me it didn’t matter where it came from as long as I dropped it. After taking classes for a few weeks and feeling great it didn’t take long for me to re evaluate that goal, adjusting it to losing body fat while increasing lean body mass (body recomp).

But honestly the most important goal of all was always to get rid of the fatty liver & high cholesterol then keep it at normal levels. Its important to me that I become the role model that my kids need, somebody who promotes healthy eating & an active lifestyle to ensure as they grow up they are able to make good food choices and not see exercise as a drag or general outdoor activity as too much effort like I used to.

Now I just really enjoy the training – I cant even pick my favourite session. Boxing is the best cardio workout and the greatest part is that it doesn’t feel like you are even doing cardio, simply just going to do something you enjoy.

The gym is full of great people and an awesome atmosphere which makes it a place that I look forward coming to for every single session.