Member Spotlight: Leon Blackley

Dedicated, hardworking father Leon has fast become a dedicated and hardworking boxer too! Leon’s skills and fitness have improved a lot over the last couple of years & we know he is proud of his efforts – and he should be! Boxing sessions are designed to improve fitness and deliver a great workout – but they are so addictive because you are learning how to punch like a pro.  

Read on as Leon shares his experience and reflects on his weight loss too! 

I joined The Training Room Geelong because at first I wanted to lose a few kilos and maintain/improve my fitness as I headed into my forties. I’ve always enjoyed boxing so TTRG appealed from that aspect particularly. Our two kids keep us busy with their activities so it was important to have something for myself as well.

Since joining I’ve lost some stubborn kilos and I feel fit, healthy and capable of finishing the tough sessions!

I particularly look forward to Tuesday and Thursday night boxing tech sessions. Its a good opportunity to let off some steam from the working week. Steve and James always give us a tough, solid session.

At the moment I am working to lose the last few kilos and maintaining my fitness level. Classes and trainers at TTRG are always motivating and I’m always pushed to do my best. All the tips etc posted on FB and Instagram are helpful too.

The atmosphere is unlike any other gym I’ve been too. A good vibe with great people!