Member Spotlight: Liam Banks

14kg lost in 3 months & energy, motivation and connections gained! We
are proud to give this HUGE shout out to Liam who takes full advantage
of our 30 minute express group each day. Balancing work commitments,
family and your own health and fitness is always a juggling act – but
when you find the balance that is right for you, the results speak for

Read on as Liam shares his experience at The Training Room Geelong over
the last few months (and be inspired by his remarkable progress!)

With a young family at home and both me and my wife working, I need to
fit training into my workday. I work in an office next door to The
Training Room Geelong in North Geelong at Tribal. The decision to join
wasn’t hard and the 30-minute express ground sessions at lunchtime
sessions are perfect.  I can have a solid training session (plus Rob’s
extras!) shower and eat lunch all within the hour. Also its not just a
great physical break from sitting down at a desk, but it’s a bit of
mental health time taking a break from the office and hitting the bags
or throwing some heavy stuff around the gym!
I actually wish I had of joined earlier – Steve held a training session
for the Tribal team as a part of a wellbeing at work day ran for the
Tribal team, it was a little taster for the office and I really enjoyed
it, but it took me months to get my shit together and join.

Since joining The Training Room Geelong and training consistently I seem
to be lifting Personal Bests weekly, I’m feeling fitter and have lost
14KG in the last three months. But I’m not really that focused on the
numbers – I joined the gym to train more, get fit again and change my
habits, and that’s the benefit that comes with it.
The Training Room Geelong is the perfect environment – the group
training session are never too big, Coaches Steve & James always have
time to help out with technique and advice and push you to go harder
when they know you can.

I think it’s the people that make The Training Room Geelong so unique-
not only Steve and the team, but the other members too. There’s no ego’s
like you find in a lot of gyms, it’s a super supportive environment.
After playing a lot of team sports the group training sessions really
feel like a team training session.