Member Spotlight: Neve Lovadina

We are smiling as we give this HUGE shout out to the lovely Neve who is warm, kind and caring – and also a machine in the gym!! This proud mama and wife has consistently given her best efforts in sessions and as a result has made HUGE progress physically and emotionally. Neve is a beautiful example of the way in which someone with no gym experience but a willingness to learn will benefit from an environment that is so supportive – she is simply thriving and we are so proud of her!

Neve shares her experience & reveals the way her mental health has significantly improved too! 

After having my son I was suffering from post-natal depression and I wasn’t happy with the medication the doctors prescribed. I felt that what I was really after was a lifestyle overhaul.

My husband recommended the ‘gym’ he had started and so I gave it a go. I haven’t looked back – 6 months after joining and consistently exercising I gave up all medication.

Up until few weeks ago I would have said that my favourite sessions were the ‘Strength and Conditioning’ sessions. However Steve introduced the Box and Burn sessions and I fallen in love with them. They are perfect for someone like me with no boxing experience. They are fun, you learn technique and get a great workout as a bonus.

At this point in my life my motivation comes from the fact that I want to be the best I can for my family.

The Training Room Geelong offers me flexible times, different sessions, expert trainers and the overall support I need. The best thing about this gym is the comradeship, we’re all here for each other, we encourage each other and as a result I find myself trying things I would never have dreamt of only 12 months or so ago.


*If you are suffering from post natal depression, please seek expert advice of a health care professional. We do not recommend making changes to your prescribed medication without consulting your health care professional.