Member Spotlight: Nick Lovadina

We are so happy to give a HUGE shout out to Nick. Nick is a shining example of the way in which consistency and commitment pretty much paves the path for progress! Nick’s strength, skill level and overall fitness has continued to rise since joining. Nick’s entire family trains with us and it is a privilege to spend time with you all! 

I joined The Training Room Geelong because initially I wanted to get back into kick boxing after not having done it for well over 15 years. TTRG just felt right from the moment I walked in. It has a really friendly atmosphere and is not intimidating at all. I really loved and appreciated Steve’s patience with me as I learned to move the old body again and I just kept coming back because the sessions were so much fun.

Now, years on, my favourite sessions are definitely the Strength and Conditioning sessions. My wife was after a gym to train at so I told her to give the Strength and Conditioning sesssions a go. She was actually doing them for about 3 or so months before she convinced me to give them a go too.  I tried it once and fell in love with it. The sessions are so enjoyable that they are over and done before you realise it. String a few together over a few weeks and you notice just how much fitter and stronger you actually are. Its a pretty good feeling when you make progress and hit a personal best when you are lifting weights as well.

My current goals are the same as always – I am always striving to get fitter and stronger. Ultimately though, as long as I still keep up with my young son and live life the way I want, I’ll be content.

The Training Room Geelong is perfect for me. Flexible enough time tables to work around my life schedule, sessions that are that are fun and effective and coaches that are always looking out for you and everybody else. (I’ve never had an injury from training so full marks to your expert tuition)

I hate gyms. The Training Room Geelong is not gym. It’s more like a social club where wellness and being the best you can be is the thing we have in common. There are no poor attitudes, its never intimidating and its a place that you actually look forward to going to…and isn’t that what it ultimately all about.