Member Spotlight : Robyn

At The Training Room Geelong we are proud of the community we have built and take inspiration from our members daily. We see the effort and energy they invest into their sessions – but we also see everything they have going on beyond the gym and appreciate them for the truly awesome people they are.
We are proud to give a HUGE shout out to Robyn today! Robyn is a wife and mother of two – and absolute powerhouse. Robyn ran a half marathon last year and takes every session at the gym in her stride! We commend your hard work and unlimited energy – but most of all, the way you support everyone around you ! 

Read below as Robyn reflects on what she enjoys about training and the advise she has for other mothers thinking about making exercise a priority. 

I found the Training Room Geelong because my husband Anthony and I were looking for a strength and conditioning gym . TTRG seemed to have much more to offer than what we anticipated and when we called and spoke to Steve he was so friendly and welcoming and said to come and try out a session. We came to our first S & C and were hooked!  The session had a small group of people at all different levels and there was a great atmosphere.

The members are like extended family and are genuine when they ask how you are. TTRG is also like my release place gives me all the feels and once I have smashed out a killer session I know that I have accomplished something that I love to do – there may have been a few choice words while I participated but I always come out smiling in the end.

Of all the sessions, Fighting Fit is my favourite. I tried the boxing session Tuesday mornings being a complete novice with boxing and felt so out of my zone, but being shown the correct technique by Steve has been a real eye opener. I try to get to boxing as much as possible because practice makes you better. I did not realise how hard boxing was until I was shown the proper way to do it. It’s a real sweat fest and is an all round great workout!

Getting older I feel that for me it’s really important to keep active and strong not just for myself but my family too. I feel that I am fitter now than what I have ever been in my life and like how it makes me feels. It really gives me that boost of confidence. Getting to the gym sessions I know that I will not just plod along and have an easy session. I know that I will be challenged by Steve and Lena. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging.

If another woman was thinking about getting into training I would tell them to find a gym that you are comfortable at, that is going to challenge and encourage you. Find a place that allows you to run at your pace but will still push you to not allow you to be complacent. Be consistent – don’t give up when it is hard. Ive learned that it doesn’t get easier you just get a bit better every time you step out of your comfort zone and do something that you thought you could not do or lift or hit. Something I have learnt is get moving even if you feel like your body does not want to move , it’s will thank you for getting moving the next day.