Men’s mental health & motivation hacks: Beyond the Banter with Damo Hennigan

In this episode we sit down with the legendary Damien Hennigan to chat all things fitness, wellbeing, mental health and alter egos. Damo Hennigan is an online accountability coach, owner of Crossfit Westgate – beer lover and all round great guy.

This is a conversation that goes in a million different directions – nothing was off limits today.

Damien shares his reflections on the fitness industry, the importance of community in supporting men access and activate the power in vulnerability and also shares his method to unlock motivation within himself before he gets under the bar for a big lift.

This is a raw, captivating conversation that will hold space for you to consider the way you are holding thoughts and emotions within your body and the way it is impacting your experience of yourself and the life you are living.

…it will probably also make you feel like going to the gym too.

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