Motivation without the Cliches

Have you ever felt like motivation is overrated?
Many people come to me feeling disheartened after feeling motivated explaining that even thought they had experienced great high – it just wore off.
Well yes, that’s the undeniable truth – motivation will wear off.
The cliché goes – motivation is like having a shower or brushing your teeth. Once is not enough. It’s a daily practice.
Motivation is daily application of new thinking, new behaviours and new ways of being.
To create the greatest impact in overall health – whether that’s physical, emotional, or spiritual.. you have to be the one to choose. You have to be the one committed to positive progress in your life.
If you wait for someone or something to motivate you – it will never be enough.
Even with the best program and the most committed coach in the world – it is still you that has to choose to generate change again and again, day after day.
For some – that can seem daunting. In our society, we have been sold the belief that we can outsource just about anything.
Let me gently remind you – only you can create sustainable motivation for yourself, within yourself.
That should be GOOD NEWS! Let me tell you why – the greatest opportunity in self motivation is that you become the author of your days. Its YOU that gets to write your story. You are the main character and you get to decide which adventure is meant for you.
Having clarity around your own motivation is important. I believe living a life of principle and grounded beliefs will lead you down a path of fulfilment and personal growth.
See, we get to choose – you and I, whether when a mountain shows up in our road, we stand and look at it, pitch our tent and stay where we are OR whether we decide to put our hiking boots on and get on with it, up and over it…
What story are you telling with the choices you are making in your life today?
Motivation is a place of personal power that can only be fuelled from the inside.
Let me remind you that what you do daily is meaningful and powerful and its valuable to the success of your purpose inside of your life.
I was recently inspired to journal with a playful expansive prompt “If you said omg, you would not believe what has just happened for me…. how would you finish that sentence”
Ive LOVED the inquiry this prompt has promoted within me, and Ive been sharing it with women I work with.
But, I havent had many people be as juiced up by it as I had imagined there would be!
Most people freeze – its amazing how little we are believing in the universe, we are living in this world that affords us a human experience with limitless potential and opportunity and we water down what could be available for us.
We limit ourselves. We dont even hold space for playfulness, imagination, dreaming, calling in.
So I am asking you – what are you asking for ? What are you daring to believe ?
What is it that you could receive it into your world, in this very moment… what my friend, would the rest of that sentence be?
What would it mean for you to embrace life?
How would it feel to believe that nothing is too big for you?
Whatever your connection to source is, I encourage you to pray for absolutely everything – small or large – embrace the power of your own ability to manifest.
What are you daring to ask for? What are you daring to believe? What are you daring to believe will actually be called into your world today?
Get your faith stirred up. Read something powerful. Engage with positive people.
Optimism is hard to maintain throughout life’s challenging circumstances – positive reinforcement from a friend can be that positive pillar of support that you need to continue moving forward.
It can be hard to be motivated 24/7 – when shit feels hard, evaluate your thoughts, look at your surroundings and just breathe.
Give yourself a chance to just breathe and then offer yourself some spiritual sustenance – put on a song, read something, engage with something or someone that will help you lift your spirit.
Demand motivation for yourself. You are worthy of it. Just dont wait for it to fall from the sky.