My Experience at The Training Room Geelong

” I’ve been a member at The Training Room Geelong for over 2 years and have loved every single moment! I think I was one of the youngest members when I joined and I cant even describe how welcoming Steve and Lena and all the other members were. I can guarantee you’ll leave with AT LEAST 1 friend from joining, as this gym provides such an amazing community.

The amount of knowledge that both Steve and Lena have is amazing! Ive learnt so much boxing and weight training and knowledge is such an incredible thing to have.
They also showed me to see that I am capable of achieving goals and I guarantee that they do this for all the other members.

Steve and Lena are so incredibly passionate and such caring people you wont regret getting to know! Its unfortunate that a health condition has stopped me from doing what I used to do – but they were so understanding about this.

I am gutted that I will no longer be a member but I have loved every minute at this gym and could not recommend The Training Room Geelong enough!”

— Antonia Erceg

**Your feedback is something we always take incredibly seriously & at this time, more than ever – words like this mean the world to us**