NOT THIS TIME – Don’t Give Up On Yourself

A little look in to our online running group: TTRG RUN CREW ROUND 4 Have you thrown in the towel? Missed too many runs? Feel like you have been left behind? DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Not this time. Rewrite the story. Pick yourself up and keep going. You can make progress from wherever you […]


2020 HOT OFFER IS NOW LIVE!   Ready to commit to fit in the new year?   Putting yourself first in 2020? Good!!   You will need 2 things   1. To find exercise that is effective, efficient and enjoyable!   2. Coaches and a community that will support you as you are out of […]

VIP Event : Harvey Norman Corio

Our friends are your friends! We are excited to announce that we are able to extend this invitation to our members. With Christmas just around the corner this VIP Event at Harvey Norman Corio has come at just the right time! We recently purchased new air conditioning units from Harvey Norman Corio and could not […]

3 Ways To Overindulge without the Guilt this Xmas

Its beginning to look a lot like ‘screw it, Ill start again next year’ season Are you about to snowball into a month long bender that begins with a few weeknight drinks and ends up with you bloated, gassy, uncomfortable and promising you’ll eat nothing but green vegetables as soon as the New Year hits? […]

Meeting Living Legends : Iron Mike Tyson and many more

If you could meet your idol, shake their hand and look them in the eyes – what would you say to them? Listen in as Steve and Lena recount the opportunities that lead to them standing toe to toe with their greatest inspirations. Be inspired by the way in which they dont hold back in […]

Simple Hack to Reignite your Energy

  If you are like me you feel like you are pulled in a million different directions every day. My morning routine allows me to start my day feeling centred – but damn the world is a noisy, energy sucking machine isn’t it? Reflection at the end of the day lets me check in with […]