Have you ever been in the middle of a workout, and it starts to feel a little challenging and you are instantly triggered? PERFECTIONISM IS NOT A CHAMPION MINDSET Its actually been an interesting experience to be standing eagerly at the front desk and see you all come through the door since we reopened – […]

Before You Charge Towards Goals : DO THIS!

Years ago, whenever I set goals, it took all my energy and will power just to follow through. It would deplete me of everything – my energy, my mood, my joy, my optimism. It took everything for me to get up and get started without just jumping off the bandwagon. I would set goals hoping […]

3 Things I learned from our first Podcast

Sometime after having our son & before the world went into lockdown, Steve and I started building our current podcast – MOXON WEIGHS IN (anyone else often ask themselves WHY they keep piling things on to their own proverbial plates?!?!?) We were dipping our toes into the world of podcasting for the first time, and […]


HEADS UP! Things are a little different while Covid-19 restrictions are in place. SAME GREAT VIBE here in Geelong, just a different way to book in before you jump in on a session with us. Due to class size restrictions, there are no casual passes available for the time being for our boxing and strength […]

Boxing Skills Development System

You can now experience Stone Cold Steve Moxon’s Boxing Skills Development System in GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS at The Training Room Geelong. This signature system developed by two time world champion and the director of The Training Room Geelong Steve Moxon ensures you are grounded in boxing fundamentals & making progress each week. Suitable for all […]

Periodisation : Another Big Term Broken Down For You

Periodisation is a term you might not have heard of before – but this very concept can launch some of us (myself included) into a long debate about weight training, programming and how to maximise your sessions. Believe it or not – if you are training to change your body shape its not a matter […]

Tips to Manage Early Morning Sessions

How rude. Waking to an alarm for the first time in 3 months today was quite a shock to the system! We will spare you the fake pump up – we aren’t jumping out of bed and high fiving each other. But we silently support ourselves (and in turn, each other) in making mornings manageable […]

An Empowering Approach to Nutrition

What did you eat in the last 24 hours? You don’t have to be focused on weight loss to find this question compelling! We took this pic earlier this year at @innout on our way to Vegas & we enjoyed any and every yummy thing on the menu🙂👏🏼 I don’t generally track everything I’m eating, but […]

Find Your Own Rhythm & the Power of Routines

    In this episode we chat with Amarra of The Well State about routines, the power of giving yourself permission to find your own rhythm and we find ourselves jamming on how important it is to turn inward with compassion too. It’s a powerful episode – enjoy! Amarra Bowkett / The Well State Amarra […]

Covid-19 Safety Plan

The Training Room Geelong COVID-19 Safety Plan as of JUNE 2020 Assumption of the Risk & Waiver of Liability relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19   New Safety and Cleaning Procedures:   All staff and coaches have completed COVID-19 Infection training.   The staff and coaches have the option to wear masks and gloves if they choose to. […]