Motivation without the Cliches

Optimism is hard to maintain throughout life’s challenging circumstances – positive reinforcement from a friend can be that positive pillar of support that you need to continue moving forward.

It can be hard to be motivated 24/7 – when shit feels hard, evaluate your thoughts, look at your surroundings and just breathe.

Your Comfort Zone Is HIGHLY Uncomfortable

There is nothing comfortable about your comfort zone. To create long lasting change we have to acknowledge how shitty our current circumstances are so that we activate the intense desire to make change NOW. Don’t look for the good in a situation that is selling you short – you are worth more than that Full […]

The True Value Of Our Community

You can’t imagine how passionately we want to support people in being safe to declare their intentions for their health and fitness. The internet is SATURATED with fitness content. Hit google and you’ll find a million different ways to workout. The truth is, without alignment from within, without a deep understanding of your values, your […]

Self Care That Doesnt Suck : Live with TTRG Director Lena Moxon

A powerful offering created by Katrina Fovakis as part of her self care summit in 2021 within her private facebook group : YES My Self- Care “What an action packed session today with Lena Moxon. Wow she shared so much knowledge to really start some deep inquiry into self to help look within for answers […]

Home Workout : KB Supersets

Strength and Conditioning SUPERSETS A superset is two movements one after the other – before taking rest. In this workout we have set the super sets up like a circuit. Take rest ONLY when you need it – the aim here is to keep moving for the full 22 mins **WORKOUT: ** Total Time: 22 […]

Motivation IS overrated : Choose Your Adventure

Have you ever felt like motivation is overrated? Many people come to me feeling disheartened after feeling motivated explaining that even thought they had experienced great high – it just wore off. Well yes, that’s the undeniable truth – motivation will wear off. The cliché goes – motivation is like having a shower or brushing […]

QUICK TIP: How to overcome your own excuses

  This quick fire episode will support you in understanding how to get out of your own way and become a person that can follow through on what they say they are going to do. This episode was recorded for the TTRG run crew – but it will be a powerful listen for anyone that […]