Which version of you are you really?

  Who we are and who we choose to be is our lifes work. I believe we are given this one beautiful life to explore our own potential and embody the full experience of what it truly means to be ourselves. It sounds wonderful – but its not always easy. The questioning, confusion and loss […]

Feel too unfit to go to the gym?

Feel too unfit to go to the gym? You aren’t alone! We hear it all the time. It can be really disheartening to be thinking everyone else is “up here” and I’m all the way “down here” when it comes to experience & fitness. Right? Here’s the thing : it’s not a competition. Logically, we […]

MEET OUR MEMBERS: Tayla Donnellan

  Tayla is making moves to be self employed while studying and making her way through this crazy arse year. Her commitment to showing up and moving her body to choose how she felt on any given day has been beautiful to witness – and her skills on the bag are now pretty damn epic!!! […]

Meet Our Members: SHARNI HOLTZ

I was once a very scared, anxiety ridden, people pleaser that second guessed myself quite a lot – with a side of negative body image. I was a person that was hiding from my own fears, unable to have or speak my own thoughts and I was allowing myself to be completely absorbed in many […]

Gyms Are Open – DONT set a Goal Straight Away!

Before you rush back into the gym – let’s talk.   We have been gifted with a beautiful opportunity to begin again.   I know you are keen to get into the gym and set goals and generate change. I get the impression you are fired up and ready to go full steam ahead!   […]

Core conditioning — It’s not just about abs

Before We Begin: Core conditioning — It’s not just about abs Despite the hype we all see online, spot exercising abdominal muscles won’t get rid of fat. So lets be clear – doing more core work will not be the only determining factor of whether or not you end up with a “flat stomach” The […]

No luck for Gym in Victoria Today

Bad news for us today. Actually, it was worse than that. No news for us today. Our gym is the way in which we provide for our family. We are self made. We don’t have anything to rely upon apart from the reserve of resilience and resourcefulness we have been dipping into all year.   […]

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A ….

We truly don’t give a F$ck – but we still read Mark Manson’s book AND because we understand repetition is the key to mastery… we have read it a few times over.   Have you read it? We just LOVED how perfectly described the way he THOUGHT he had committed to becoming a Rockstar when […]

Choosing What Youve Chosen : The Key To Unlocking Results

Isnt it funny how the universe just sends you these little nudges and everything starts to make sense? NO? That’s not how it works for me either. I had a HUGE week this week and have experienced so many moments of clarity that I am just beyond excited about getting to share this energy and […]

Reality Tv & The Importance of Influence

Quick decisions in the heat of the moment are great when you are in the ring – not so great when it leads you to deciding to put your head between the open mouth of an alligator. Confused? Here’s some background info on how I learned that having people around you that can see beyond […]