“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know” – Unknown   A huge shout out to our boxing sparring crew seen here jumping in the ring for The Training Room Geelong’s Point Scoring Sparring Fight Night. Locals from all walks of […]

Making Gratitude Simple: Unlocking Wisdom From Within

Today’s Episode is all about Gratitude, but heres what you need to know: I AM NOT going to ask you to stop and look around you and wake up to the blessings you already have. It doesnt sit well with me. ANYTHING outside of ourselves can be taken away from us. So in knowing that, […]

Pop Up Group : 5 Day Mini Course // Master Your Mindset

Huge shifts can happen in just 5 Days. Whatever happens here – its temporary. Not here in this group, here in this life. We are here for a good time, not a long time. So why are we wasting time looking outwards, waiting for approval, hoping for a sign, needing direction to start living our […]

Introduction to Sparring & Contact Drills: Boxing Workshop

“Every Expert Was Once A Beginner” If you have ever considered including boxing sparring into your weekly training, and maybe even getting in the ring to test your skills – this workshop will be a perfect introduction to sparring. At The Training Room Geelong we are fortunate enough to have a 2X World Champion as […]

NOT THIS TIME – Don’t Give Up On Yourself

A little look in to our online running group: TTRG RUN CREW ROUND 4 Have you thrown in the towel? Missed too many runs? Feel like you have been left behind? DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. Not this time. Rewrite the story. Pick yourself up and keep going. You can make progress from wherever you […]