Quick Bites: Green Machine Pea Fritters

Everyone has a bag of frozen peas just waiting for the day they are taken out of the freezer, right? This quick recipe can be thrown together when you haven’t been to the shops and still want to serve something yummy for lunch. Also works well as an afternoon snack too! With just a little […]

Very Delicious Vegan Chocolate Pudding

We personally don’t subscribe to a Vegan lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we turn our nose up at it either! Vegan recipes are a fantastic way to up the anti on the micronutrients you are including in your diet. Truth be told – we have been making this recipe for years & only just realised […]

Pitching Yourself & Making Criticism Useful

    We were thrilled to be gifted with the opportunity to sit across from a Geelong Powerhouse & a treasured friend of The Training Room Geelong. We describe her as brilliant. She is warm, funny, encouraging and also fiercely focused, highly intelligent, and successful in many definitions of the word. She has been described […]

Lunchtime Hero: Hidden Veggie + Chicken Balls

Finger foods serve many purposes in our household. They satisfy the needs of an independent toddler determined to feed himself. They are easy to eat on the move when Mum is multitasking & Dad can pack them for lunch at work too. Its a win for all. More importantly there are no nasties and plenty […]

Member Spotlight: Ollie Pammer-Green

A huge shout out to to Ollie who has lost a significant amount of weight, boosted his level of fitness and is feeling and looking fitter and stronger than ever. His consistency and commitment has certainly paid dividends and we are stoked to know that he is proud of his progress too! Ollie shares his […]