A power hour with a 2 X World Champion to take your skills to the next level. This is your chance to learn from a passionate fighter & coach to fast track your kickboxing progress – whether you just enjoy training OR you are looking to get in the ring – this is an EPIC […]

What our members say

“I hate gyms, but TTRG is much more than a gym. Consider it a community of like minded individuals who leave their ego’s at the door and as a result I’m coming up to my 4th year of membership. Steve’s an awesome trainer and sessions are never the same. Definitely improves your physical fitness and […]

Stop Suffering Through Workouts : If your mindset sucks, this is for you

Today Im starting a conversation that I hope will support you in truly understanding just how powerful coming into the gym can be.

Mindfulness is something I am passionate about. I used my own lived experiences, reflections and realisations to help our members understand that most of us are walking around asleep – victims of our own thinking, trapped my our own suffering. We complain, we get irritated, we are frustrated, impatient, anxious and overwhelmed.

Here is how we can begin to excavate the unhelpful self talk that holds us back from FULLY stepping into our own power in the gym (and everywhere else)

Reset Protocol with Adrian Allen

Are you setting yourself up for failure? QUICK FIX HERE! Over the weekend I dug deep into my memory to walk you through one of the most secretly frustrating journeys Ive ever walked through: my self sabotage. In particular, the demeaning way I would demand a certain display of discipline from myself when it came […]

How Members Mates Train FREE

FREE SESSIONS are up for grabs – they have been all month!   This isnt new info BUT we cant blame you if you forgot because *OMG* there has been so much going on this month, right?!   Its kind of nuts – in the BEST WAY.   The good news and the bad news […]

Check in with yourself : Reclaim the CHAMPION within you

If you have listened to the Moxon Weighs In Podcast – then you know that I have declared that Steve is the poster boy for self confidence. Dont get it twisted – Im not for a moment saying he is arrogant or lead by ego. Nope. He is a man that undoubtedly knows who he is, what […]

Sparring Fight Night in Ballarat

We are excited to announce we have been invited to participate in an inter gym sparring fight night being held at Barbarian Muay Thai in Ballarat. Barbarian Muay Thai is Ballarat’s leading Muay Thai gym and our affiliation with them runs deep as this was the gym Steve trained at when he lived in Ballarat. […]


MOTIVATION HACK 🔥💙   How are we so motivated?? In our corner we take our workouts seriously – but we keep things in perspective! Our community comes together to generate energy everyday so that we can continue to be our best – to give our best to those that matter most to us. When you […]