MOTIVATION HACK 🔥💙   How are we so motivated?? In our corner we take our workouts seriously – but we keep things in perspective! Our community comes together to generate energy everyday so that we can continue to be our best – to give our best to those that matter most to us. When you […]

My history with fear

This is for the woman who knows she deserves a pay rise but is nervous she might be shut down, the woman that wants to learn to dance but worries what her boyfriend might say, the stay at home mum that wants to study but is held back by fear of her own worth being […]

Choose Your Battles : The power of peace of mind

Life gets better when we learn to choose our battles – and it turns out most of them just aren’t worth fighting. Lets talk about how much of a game changer it is when we just decide within ourselves that we are not going to let anyone pull us into a fight – and what […]

Working Parent Juggling Act

Guilty. Failing. Lonely. Stressed. All answers that are wayyyy more insightful than the “yeah good” response we are used to giving each other when someone asks how the week has been going. Working parenthood was hard enough before Covid-19 — but now its as if we are all trying to make up for lost time […]

Happiness U Curve : Between 30-50 things get tough

Have you heard of the happiness U-curve of life? Im not making this up! All over the world, human happiness slumps between 30 and 50. Those years that we ride the rollercoaster of relationships, parenting, elder-caring & working can be a tough slog and feel never ending – some of us are just more willing […]

Its OK to not have a Masterplan : What comes next?

Are you lost in your life? How are things going? What comes next for you? Today Im going to start a conversation with you that is likely to surprise you. As a person I am confusing and often complex. I love that about myself. I am not fixed to any form of identity that holds […]