Alright, let’s be real. If you haven’t been into a gym in awhile – we know why. You remember it being full of egotistical, arrogant, self serving, self promoting bicep curling robots, right? Well imagine that preconception is a Pinata – we are like a 6 year old with a stick. Determined to bash […]

Building a Baseline & Making Decisions : James Shingles

  In this episode of the Moxon Weighs In Podcast Steve sits opposite James Shingles and they chat about whatever comes to mind. James is humble, hardworking and the kindest human you are ever likely to meet. This episode explores the way in which his past experiences have shaped his ambitions and training philosophies. You […]

The Power Of A Running Program : Abbey Patterson

    Running Programs are pretty standard. Let s be honest. There is nothing too exciting about looking at them. So WHY are we all going nuts over our running program at the moment?? It’s our community. The connections made and the energy we are generating together. It’s powerful and it’s a lot of fun […]

A Video About Self Discovery

Take 5 minutes today and get ready to smile. Two TTRG legends Mon and James recently got back from a trip to Mt Everest Basecamp & this is Mon’s video diary and reflection. You will LOVE IT because it reminds you that this one beautiful life we have is ours for the taking. It will […]

Member Spotlight: Jay Sikora

WOW. Just wow.  Some of us are moving simply to feel a little better or to fill time in the day – but then there are some people who are at a crossroads in their life. Their health and their future is on the line and they have NO CHOICE but to make changes. Jay […]

Stop Excuses In Their Tracks

  Do you ever listen to the stories that you tell yourself? We go through our lives with so much noise around us that its almost impossible to isolate and really listen to the things that we tell ourselves.   But do you know what – when we do find a way to listen to […]