NEWSFLASH: Confidence isn’t a goal

NEWSFLASH Confidence isn’t a goal.

Self confidence is not something that I can measure for you. No coach can deliver self confidence. That is a game you have to play by yourself.

Confidence has nothing to do with measurements, progress made or pictures taken.

You manifest confidence by rebuilding respect for yourself. Each time you have failed to action your intentions you have crushed your own confidence. You lose respect for yourself. You stop trusting yourself. You let life start to play you instead of playing out the life you desire.

TTRG RUN CREW ROUND 3 will give you the opportunity to build a new point of reference for yourself. We will work towards running the Melbourne half marathon – and let me tell you, you won’t be a different person come race day. The same doubts, fears and excuses will be there with you at that start line – but over the three months of training you will have developed the internal strength and grit to carry them with you.

In completing a 3 month training program and crossing a finish line despite the negative self talk that once held you back – you will create a new point of reference for yourself.

You will be able to say ‘yes I can’. That sort of confidence begins as a whisper within you and over time builds into a proud roar.

Experience this.

Give yourself the opportunity to build a new point of reference for what you are capable of.

A number on the scales isn’t going to do it for you – that I can guarantee.

Get in touch with us here at the gym in Geelong before JULY 7th – we are giving you this program FOR FREE because we are so passionate about supporting you through this experience 👊🏼🔥 #weteachourpassion