No luck for Gym in Victoria Today

Bad news for us today.

Actually, it was worse than that.

No news for us today.

Our gym is the way in which we provide for our family. We are self made. We don’t have anything to rely upon apart from the reserve of resilience and resourcefulness we have been dipping into all year.


Not being given ANY indication when we might be able to begin to resuscitate the business we had built from the ground up has the potential to make me feel really deflated. To throw my hands up in the air and declare the injustices I perceive in which businesses have been allowed to reopen and which have been left to wonder what the actual f$!k is going on.

Thank you to the incredible people who have found it within themselves to recognise how difficult the announcements made today have been for Steve and I to receive and have reached out to me with concern.

Here is what we would like to share – we are energised.

We are charged up and out commitment to setting the standard for energy & vitality within our community is unwavering.

This isn’t ignorance. Its not burying our heads in the sand and pretending the restrictions don’t have immediate, devastating impact on our business and personal finances.

The way we choose to respond today is because we understand that it takes a combination of identity and physiology to empower us.


This year we decided to raise our standards. We decided it was absolutely essential that we made sure we turned all of our ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts’.
There is a difference between believing you are a depressed person & being depressed in the moment.

There have been many moments that have felt dark this year.

However, because we had raised our own standards this meant that we absolutely prioritised all the things we recognised we “should” to in order to make sure we made them “musts”.

We must ensure that we look for opportunities and move straight to solutions no matter what challenges we face.

We must leverage physiology and MOVE our bodies to generate energy. We are fiercely committed to daily workouts to generate energy and we are fiercely commitment to play and dance and spontaneous silliness in our household to generate joy.

This afternoon we immediately sat down and made a list of all the things we could create that would ensure our community remained unified and uplifted. We found ways to fill ourselves with purpose and it gifted us with the opportunity to feel compelled to continue to meet the standards we have set for ourselves.

Then we went outside and played with our son. Our beautiful two year old boy has been our leader in creating fun and noise and mess and embracing any given moment and squeezing joy out of every experience.

This year has been a challenge none of us could have ever anticipated. Its not over.
If you are here, reading this today – please know that even though we cannot control our circumstances we can ALWAYS decide who we are and what we will allow anything to mean for us in our lives.

Our humanity is reactive. It is normal to have felt all sorts of emotions today. Today, reconnect with your source. Stay close to your own inner being. Your gifts, your personal vortex, your source is always unlimited and will never be impacted by a set of incredibly frustrating circumstances.


Decide what you want to focus on, cultivate thoughts that make you feel empowered to take action in whatever way you can (bonus points if it serves others) & then MOVE your body and generate energy and joy. Force it upon yourself. Run around with your kids. Take the dog for a walk and allow yourself to skip and hop and jumo and act a little silly. Turn on some music and let loose in your kitchen – even if its only for a few minutes.

No matter what is going on around us, we can always generate the energy and joy within us.

Its going to be ok.

We all have each other.

Unified & uplifted.

Much love,

Steve & Lena Moxon