NOT THIS TIME – Don’t Give Up On Yourself

A little look in to our online running group: TTRG RUN CREW ROUND 4

Have you thrown in the towel?

Missed too many runs?

Feel like you have been left behind?


Rewrite the story. Pick yourself up and keep going. You can make progress from wherever you are!!!!

This journey is about YOU. This program isn’t supposed to be perfect. It’s ok to be less than perfect. It’s not ok to give up on yourself. Don’t do it. Not again. You can get up right now and decide to keep going.

If you can’t run the distances – WALK. It’s not a race. It’s not a competition. It’s worth the effort because let me tell you this friend, you are worth it.

At any moment you get to rewrite your story. What’s your next move? Do you disappear into complacency and hope no one notices? Or do you draw a line in the sand and stand up to your own bullshit and say NOT THIS TIME. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON MYSELF THIS TIME.

Self doubt is part of the human experience. The doubts and resistance you feel is normal.

It’s not going anywhere.

But it doesn’t have to call the shots.

Feel uncertain. Do it anyway.

Feel doubtful. Do it anyway.

Feel moody. Do it anyway.

Just don’t feel unworthy.

Don’t let yourself believe that you don’t deserve the opportunity to find out what you can achieve when you KEEP GOING.

We don’t have long left. I want you there.

I want you to show up for that 10km run and just do what you can. Just come and move. Be seen. Be counted. Be there.

We don’t have long left. If you haven’t run – lace up and just walk.

If you haven’t Posted – use your voice. Claim your space. Tell your story.

Today I ran. Last week I was in agony with a stomach bug unable to hold down food.

It felt AMAZING to run today. To feel reenergised. To appreciate how good it feels to be healthy and happy. Deep gratitude has found me today thanks to my morning movement. That’s what the sweaty selfie is all about – feeling pretty damn great today. Ready to take on the day.

What could movement do for you today?

Show up for yourself. Keep going.

Don’t throw in the towel. Not this time.

Post below to let us all know you are still here and you are still going to give it your best effort. You matter. COMMENT BELOW NOW – it takes 2 seconds but will mean a WHOLE LOT.