Are your challenges roadblocks or stepping stones?


Too often we think all we need to achieve a goal is motivation. So when we feel that magic motivation hit bubble up within us – we make the most of it and we get going! Can we all agree on one thing? Motivation is not guaranteed to last. Actually, you can probably be guaranteed that it wont last. So forget motivation.

Thats not what we need. We need a plan of attack for when times get tough. For when obstacles appear out of nowhere. For when our self doubt (predictably) kicks in to ask us – what the hell are you doing this for?

Ten weeks will give you plenty of time to build the kind of resilience you need to endure any and every obstacle. Here’s a heads up – you will get in your own way before any other challenge presents itself to you.

Yup, you are your first obstacle.

If you have ever set a goal and not followed through (who hasnt?!) give me 11 minutes of your time and listen to what I have come to understand about the way we need to think about obstacles. (It will serve you well over the next 10 weeks!)