Pimp My Warm Up

You know that warming up is important (and you can probably admit you have avoided it!)

In our corner we keep warm ups interesting and motivating by ensuring that there is a clear purpose to them!


Here is one way that you can pimp out your warm up if you have been lacking in inspiration lately:

It really  is sometimes as simple as that. Picking up the pace will lift the energy and will transform your warm into an important part of your session.

Before you start any workout, you should already be feeling very warm and maybe even sweating a little bit. This will help limit the chances of getting injured during your workout and also promote full range of motion in your movements.

How do you pick up the pace?

If you are shadow boxing, simply box at a faster more realistic pace.

If you are skipping- do sets of 50 high knees at the start and end of each round.

A warm up doesnt have to be boring. It doesnt have to be the gatekeeper to the worthwhile training in your session. Change your perspective, pick up and pace and make each minute of your session count.