Pop Up Group : 5 Day Mini Course // Master Your Mindset

Huge shifts can happen in just 5 Days.

Whatever happens here – its temporary. Not here in this group, here in this life.
We are here for a good time, not a long time.

So why are we wasting time looking outwards, waiting for approval, hoping for a sign, needing direction to start living our life? How much longer are you willing to wait before you moving confidently in the direction of your dreams?

Success is simply consistent, committed action in motion.

You are worthy of success. You are worthy of happiness. You are worthy of the space you are yet to claim in this world.

Whether thats stepping up in your relationship, in your career, within your circle of friends – or whether its finally looking in the mirror and seeing a person that you trust, respect and admire … your time to claim the space that is intended for you, is now.

If you already know this to be true – why are you still in the same place you were last year? What stops you? What limits you? What makes you hesitate before reaching for more?

Over the next 5 days this mini course will shine a light on the feelings, thoughts and behaviours you repress. The very things that seem well hidden within you – but get in the way of you confidently moving forward.

Each Day Will Provide:

– Audio stimulus to provoke a deep dive into behaviours, attitudes and choices

-Personal exercises to complete within the comfort of your own home

-Live video exploring topics in depth that can be watched at any time

-Links and resources to support personal development and growth

-A supportive, safe online community

There is no cost or further obligation.

A community experience presented by The Training Room Geelong
This pop up group is facilitated by Lena Phillips.
Director of The Training Room Geelong.
Accountability Coach : Shifting Mindsets & Generating Energy for Life on YOUR Terms
Proud Mama and devoted lover