Put Your Mind and Body First : Curation & Inspiration with Alex and Tom of Saint Belford


If you are like me you have a million things you are trying to achieve at once – big dreams to create the life your family deserves.

Your best days are still ahead of you right!? Make sure you are ready to squeeze the most out of every opportunity presented to you. You are your greatest asset. You are your greatest resource – investing in yourself will bring the highest return.

So, today, take a moment right here, right now, to give yourself permission to invest in yourself. You are worth it. You deserve more than you are giving yourself.

Wow, Im hitting a nerve right? Don’t worry – Im going to dive straight into the good stuff now.

Because we have recorded an episode of The Moxon Weighs In Podcast with two amazing humans that have created something that is going to help you plan and prioritise your time and wellbeing.

How would it feel to wake up feeling organised, empowered and in control? Pretty amazing right?

We could talk motivation and inspiration – but you know that’s not my style. Im OBSESSED with systems & strategies that best support us all in stepping into our greatness and living from a place of intention. Our guests tonight deliver just that.

Guys can you tell how excited I am? I have absolute synergy with them – as I was diving deeper into their social media accounts, downloading their free ebooks, reading the content on their beautiful website I got so excited to have found a couple that were dedicating their lives to serving a very similar mission to mine. On their website They literally invite you to make one simple pledge to yourself – PUT YOUR BODY AND MIND FIRST

So lets get this absolute jam going and let me welcome the creative genius behind Saint Belford – Alex and Tom !


“After burning out and reflecting on what was a very unsustainable lifestyle, I wanted a planner that would help me prioritise my wellbeing over productivity and I couldn’t find it. I needed daily encouragement to put myself first because slowing down didn’t come naturally to me.

That’s why we reinvented the diary and added over a dozen lifestyle tools that focus on self-care and personal growth.

Not just for our personal needs, but for each and every one of you who struggle to make time for yourselves —who want to prioritise your wellbeing but don’t have the tools to do so—who need a daily reminder to unplug from the chaos—who want to take charge and feel more in control of your lives.

We’re inviting you to make one simple pledge to yourself:


This episode will inspire you to aspire to a year of wellbeing – listen in and be motivated to put yourself first. 

Order Your Own Curation 2020 Planner now for quick delivery and browse their beautiful accessories on their website : Saint Belford 

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