Reality Tv & The Importance of Influence

Quick decisions in the heat of the moment are great when you are in the ring – not so great when it leads you to deciding to put your head between the open mouth of an alligator.


Here’s some background info on how I learned that having people around you that can see beyond the moment you are in and have your best interests at heart – is an absolute MUST.

In 2010 I was selected to travel to Thailand as a contestant on Enfusion Fight Series.
As part of the reality tv series they drove us around Koh Samui and we had to do touristy things to showcase how epic Thailand really is as a destination.

We were at an alligator park of sorts and I was asked if I’d participate in the show and put my head in the alligators mouth. At 21 I was young and dumb and full of.. adrenaline. I was 16 fights undefeated, pumped full of ambition and I thought I was unstoppable.

So – I didn’t even consider how obviously stupid something as risky as putting my head in an alligators mouth for laughs would be.

I said “sure – why not?”

The show producers could think of a lot of reasons for why not – and I wasn’t allowed to do it.

It was win win, I looked like a badass for saying yes & I didn’t even have to follow through.

Anyway – 12 years on I shake my head at my own stupidity and realise that it’s always important to keep people around you that can see beyond the moment you are in.

I still get excited about ideas and I’m still saying YES to things and figuring them out later – but I’ve got a tight corner that I know I can rely on to not only have my back, but keep an eye out for the moments I’m likely to indulge the rush of making quick decisions in the heat of the moment.

Know your strengths – and know the opposite too 🤪👊🏼