If you really knew us

If you really knew us you would know that we dreamed up the life we are living today over a decade ago.

The one question I would ask Steve again & again was ‘so when are you going to open your own gym?’ 🔥

The connection between us has always been cemented by the fact that we have always been fascinated by the full context of each other.

An initial attraction will burn out – but when you fall in love with someone right down to their core, it’s a love that will burn strong enough to light the rest of your life up.

In the decade it took us to put the wheels in motion to bring The Training Room Geelong to life – we had each been to hell and back.

We could have never imagined what was ahead of us.

Today we understand that the lessons we had to learn were found in the obstacles we faced and the challenges that broke us time and time again.

The lessons were disguised as jobs, fights, businesses, marriages, places. It has all served a purpose. Our business is built on a foundation of passion and purpose. Two things we only found because of the hardships life has thrown at us.

We didn’t overcome all of the challenges. We have lost many of the battles we faced. But in hindsight, it has hardened us so that we are now fearless. It has also softened us with perspective.

A decade later we got to run away together and explore eternal cities and picturesque coastlines and what we realised was – the life and the home we were building for ourselves was greater than any monument we could stand in front of.

Our life, our family, our business is the culmination of everything we have endured and everything we hope for.

You will feel it when you spend time with us at @thetrainingroomgeelong – we are living our passion and purpose.