Recipe for endless motivation


I know I’ve said that waiting for motivation is pointless (and it is) but what I might have failed to mention is that you can whip it up for yourself! I might be basic in the kitchen – but I sure as hell know how to cook up motivation and get through one SPICY workout!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1️⃣ EXCITEMENT. Something about the session ahead of you needs to be exciting. Maybe it’s getting to see your mates at the gym, maybe you are driven by the progress you are making, maybe you get to wear some cute workout gear, maybe it’s because you have found an awesome playlist. You need to make it more than just exercise – find a way to make it the most exciting hour of your day.

2️⃣ EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE: Long story short – you should be investing money and time into making sure what you are doing has a point. If there’s no point, if you aren’t learning something, expanding in some way, getting some sort of result – you’ll find ways to justify inaction. Are you relieving stress? Losing weight? Getting stronger? Socialising? Moving faster? What’s the point of what you are doing? Answer that and you’ll instantly be more motivated to get it done.

3️⃣ EXTRA: It should be adding value to your day. If it’s beating you down, depleting you, hurting you in anyway – you should stop looking for the motivation to keep going altogether. But, if it gives you energy, lifts your spirit, adds health and vitality to your being – you’ll fall in love with the added value it brings to your life and you’ll never want to stop.

If your current training plan or workout regime doesn’t have those 3 ingredients – start exploring and find a way of working out that does!

Find a workout to suit your own taste – forget what’s on trend, forget what your neighbours friend said works.

Your life, your way – I wish I could think of a clever cooking analogy to end this post 😝