Simple Hacks to Get Even MORE out of your workout


When you want to boost your results in the gym – doing more is very rarely the answer. And lets be really honest – who has time for more?? We don’t! We know you don’t either. So how do we make sure that the time we do carve out of our day for a workout is powerful!? How do we make sure we are making tracks & not just spinning wheels?

Here are 3 hacks to take your workout to the next level

1. Use your warm up. Take it seriously. Don’t half ass it. A dynamic warm up primes your body to be ready to attack your workout but lets not forget – its part of the workout too! Every little bit counts. You know what – you should probably even warm up for your warm up!! We mean it!! Park your car 1km from the gym and walk so that when you step into the gym you are awake and ready to rock and roll. You wont be yawning – youll be ready to give it your all (and the walk back to the car will be a great cool down too!)

2. Get a theme song. Choose a song that gets you in the zone and blast it as you are getting ready, driving to the gym, or even as the first song of your workout playlist if you are training alone. Over time, this song will signal to your body that you are about to move in an energised, purposeful way – and your body will instantly respond. You are quite literally training your body to come alive to the beat, rhythm and lyrics of your own theme song. Have you seen fighters walk out to the ring? That’s the kind of vibe you can create every time you walk into a workout – be ready to crush it!

3. Turn your phone off. Don’t mess about with your water bottle. Reject polite conversation. Don’t waste a minute. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the gym if you use your time wisely. Most people spend far too long ‘resting’. Double down on your workout. Take that time for yourself. Focus on what you are doing in the moment. Multitasking is HIGHLY overrated and EXTREMELY ineffective when it comes to working out. Do one thing. Do it well.