Our Super Power : Making you fall in love with the process

Our Superpower at The Training Room Geelong stems from the fact that we are very serious about one thing:

You are not to take this whole ‘gym thing’ too seriously!!

When you train with our community we will push you to step into your own greatness, honour your intentions and strengthen your self awareness.
But let us be clear – you are not to get too serious about it all. Take your commitment seriously – but please, please, I BEG YOU … don’t let the training and the goals you have set become a cause for anxiety.
This is not something to stress about. Ever.
Let’s choose to enjoy the experience.
That doesn’t mean that the training won’t be challenging. It doesn’t mean you won’t have to battle against patterns of negative self talk and the excuses that you are accustomed to pulling out of your back pocket when the going gets tough.
But let’s keep it in perspective.
If you hear yourself complaining about the training or stressing about having to go to the gym – check yourself. Take that moment to feel lucky that you consider that to be a problem at this point in your life.
What you do carries far less importance than who you are. In today’s culture goal setting is widely broadcasted and documented by every joe blow going around. In your quest to fulfil your own desires are you proud of who you have to be to reach those goals? Set your intentions but honour your values. Who you are is always more important than what you have.
This is your gentle reminder to not make your goals anybody else’s problem.
Apart from getting fitter and faster – there is an opportunity for you to be an amazing role model for those around you – but you will miss that opportunity if you choose to focus on the negatives.

You could share the struggles of your training or you could choose to highlight the ways in which you are being stretched and the ways in which you are being given the opportunity to connect with a community of people all working to upgrade their fitness and self belief.

Rise up and choose to remember – this is something you can actually enjoy.