The Lies You Tell Yourself & The Way To Uplevel Your Life Today

It turns out – you actually can teach an old dog new tricks.

Believe it or not – our very own Stone Cold Steve Moxon stepped out of the ring and onto a start line at The Melbourne Half Marathon over the weekend. Listen in as he shares how he managed to run 21km without stopping – despite almost starting after a terrible end to his training program.

This episode shares an insight into The Training Room Geelong’s running programs – and the real reason we are dedicated to running. We dive deep into the ways in which running gifts you with the opportunity to find out exactly what it takes to become a person that finishes what they start.

Lena shares why she feels she will be forever indebited to her treadmill for being a therapist during her darkest days & how morning movement gave her the fighting chance she needed to run from the depression she could feel on her heels.

This isnt an episode to brainwash you into loving running – this episode will open your eyes to the way in which exercise strengthens the parts of you needed to show up as the highest version of yourself in your every day life.