The Subtle Art of Not Giving A ….

We truly don’t give a F$ck – but we still read Mark Manson’s book AND because we understand repetition is the key to mastery… we have read it a few times over.


Have you read it? We just LOVED how perfectly described the way he THOUGHT he had committed to becoming a Rockstar when he was younger.. but as he reflect years later he realised he had only committed to the final result and not the journey it would take to get there.

He wanted to be a rockstar – but he never practised 5 nights a week. He didn’t buy a shitty van and drive around to shitty gigs for experience. He didn’t hand out flyers promoting his band. He didn’t commit to any part of the JOURNEY he just committed to the idea.

The same goes for health and fitness – doesn’t it!?

So often we talk to people that tell us how much they want to be fitter, healthier, stronger, more energetic … they can describe their goal weight and the clothes they will fit in to.

They create the goal and see the vision.

Yet they fail to COMMIT TO THE JOURNEY.

Undoubtedly the journey to any goal you set for yourself will be filled with obstacles and challenges.

But friends, let’s ask ourselves – WHAT IF THE NEXT LEVEL OF YOUR HAPPIENSS, life, success joy is tied to the amount of complexities or problems you are willing to handle ?

Commit to the journey.

Come in to your next workout and commit to doubling down on the effort and energy you would usually put in and watch your own energy multiply as you walk away feeling accomplished, capable and probably a little badass too. If you want to be fit, healthy, vibrant and strong in body mind and spirit – you need to start doing the things it requires to be that person.

Start today.

Continue tomorrow.

Choose the journey.