The True Value Of Our Community

You can’t imagine how passionately we want to support people in being safe to declare their intentions for their health and fitness.

The internet is SATURATED with fitness content.

Hit google and you’ll find a million different ways to workout.

The truth is, without alignment from within, without a deep understanding of your values, your triggers and the bigger picture – the workouts are irrelevant.

We stand strong behind our programming but we know that’s only a piece of our puzzle.

The true value of our community is that we have generated a place that vibrates with an energy many people have never experienced.

If you have ever set a goal for yourself and failed – there may be many reasons why.

A HUGE often overlooked reason is that when you made your declaration you weren’t met with support, certainty and 100% belief.

The people that surround you as you work day after day to make changes need to be on your level.

Walk through our doors and you will feel the energy of a space that is held accountable to integrity, aunthenticity and empathy.

We deliver AMAZING workouts that we design and coach each week – but we hold ourselves accountable to delivering so much more.

We don’t care if you can do a pull up if you still can’t openly communicate your feelings.

We are redefining what a gym can be.

We know the value of a community that is seeking progress and positivity.

We hope that as soon as restrictions are lifted – that you walk through our doors if this resonates with you.

If it has – feel free to send me an email and we can chat about what it might be like for you to join us as soon as possible.

– Lena